9 easy ways you can prevent vaping from getting a bad name

At Vape England, we understand just how hard the industry is working to be taken seriously, especially in the face of a large number of people who believe vaping to by rude and anti-social. If you’re new to vaping, it can be a minefield trying not to offend the people around you. With some in the vaping community giving the rest of us a bad reputation, there are some basic things you can do to ensure you make a good impression.

Don’t use your e-cig as a fog machine in public places

The saying ‘bigger is always better’ isn’t true when it comes to your e-cig vapour. It can be tempting to buy the latest in e-cigarette technology and indulge in creating thick, over the top clouds of vapour. New vapers in particular see creating think monster clouds of vapour as the ultimate experience with ever-increasingly powerful atomizers that come onto the market on an almost daily basis.

We’ll admit, every vaper has found them fun to create at some point, but to the average non-vaper, these constant billows of thick, white smoke are annoying in the least and worrying at worse. Remember that whilst vaping is undoubtedly healthier than smoking, there still isn’t widespread education available.

Before you start treating your e-cig as a fog machine, think about how you’d feel if someone else was constantly blowing thick vape constantly where you were.

Don’t vape in the cinema

No matter whether your fellow audience members are smokers, non-smokers or fellow vapers, we can guarantee that everyone will hate you if your clouds of vape are obstructing the movie they’ve paid a considerable amount of money to watch. Once the lights are dimmed, your e-cig’s light will also be blaringly obvious. If you can’t go a couple of hours without vaping, just go outside the theatre.

Don’t vape around your child’s school

If you spend time around children, always try to vape away from them. Whilst you’re not smoking around them, you’re still indulging your nicotine addiction – something that shouldn’t be glamorised in any way around young, impressionable children.

Vaping around children is the kind of activity that will be used by lobby groups to justify their calls for banning vaping in public areas.

Stop vaping in the bathroom

Taking a quick vape whilst you’re in the bathroom is a strong urge with most new vapers, especially if you want to hide it from your family or co-workers. If you’re vaping in a public bathroom (such as your workplace) your colleagues will be alarmed to find large clouds in the bathroom, and vaping has been known to set off smoke alarms.

Avoid vaping indoors and smoking outdoors

This is a tricky topic, because when many people decide to switch to vaping from smoking, there is often a period when they do both. Additionally, having an occasional cigarette isn’t the end of the world. However, by vaping every minute indoors and smoking the instant you get outside, you reinforce the inaccurate stereotype that vaping exacerbates nicotine addiction, which will give vaping a bad name.

Be kind to smokers

One of the most important things to remember about smokers is that before you switched to e-cigs, you were also a smoker. There is no excuse for being condescending and acting superior to smokers because they haven’t made the switch. Whilst you may now be vehemently anti-tobacco, talking down to smokers won’t help them to stop their habit.

Let people make the change on their own terms

For those of us that vape, vaping is simply awesome! That being said, acting like a walking advertisement for e-cigs quickly becomes annoying for the people around you, even other vapers. Generally, only go into detail about vaping if your friends ask you about it and should you make any claims, ensure you have research that backs you. That being said, your vaping isn’t a political statement or campaign, so don’t constantly bug people online about it.

Safely dispose of your cartridges

Finding someone else’s old e-cig cartridges is one of the most annoying things for the people who live with inconsiderate vapers. Always throw away your cartridges when you’re done with them, they will still contain nicotine and cause a hazard to any children and pets in your house. Generally tidying up your vaping gear and leaving it somewhere safe can prevent potentially fatal accidents.

Never blow vapour in other people’s faces

Whether your e-juice contains nicotine or not, absolutely never blow your vapour into another person’s face! This gives all vapers and e-cigs an incredibly bad reputation, and it’s a situation more and more people are ranting about online when they’re talking to someone and they directly blow vapour into their face. Unlike second-hand smoke, vapour isn’t a health risk, but it is still offensive and insulting to have blown into your face.

When you’re talking to someone, just turn your head and exhale in a clear direction.


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